Wednesday, January 22, 2014

All My Books -- Beginning with The Unexplored Heart

People often ask "Where do you get your ideas for your novels?" Sometimes it's easy to answer. Other times, it's not quite so easy, like my novel, The Unexplored Heart. Initially, I had planned for the heroine to be the young Victorian woman who goes to work as a transcriber for a dashing world explorer, and they naturally fall in love. And that is part of the novel.
But the part that took over belongs to the wife of a famed archaeologist. At the end of the novel, Esther Wooster marched into my office, settled her corpulent body in my guest chair and said, "You just think you're finished. I want my own novel." She had pretty much taken over in this novel, so since I had planned a sequel, this was no surprise.
She shall have it. The next novel that involves young Vanessa and her husband, leaves no doubt as to who is the lead character. Esther runs the show in my soon to be released, "After Camelot: Esther's Quest." 
This is in line with my idea that all my female characters are strong and assertive. No swooning at the sight of a male character, here. In fact, in one scene in this newest novel, Esther is both irritated and bemused at the time when she is put on the warlord's horse, in front of him. And she feels his "male member" rise against her backside. What to do? Indeed.
Not to put Vanessa aside. In the first novel of the proposed series, Vanessa is a strong woman, also, who goes to secretarial school and sets out on a career that will culminate in her falling in love with her employer. So, what's so different about that? It happens all the time in many "romance" novels. But Vanni carries it a bit further when she asserts herself into Esther's proposed expedition to Rimar, the fabled kingdom that surely contains riches beyond imagining.
And she is about two months pregnant when the journey begins.
And she has known so, but hasn't told anyone yet, the last of all, her husband. Surely, if he knew, he would banish her from going on this expedition.
But Esther suspects and Vanni confirms the pregnancy, and she agrees to let Vanni tell Harrison in her own time.
Talk about two strong women! Especially for 1860s England.
You'll have to read the first novel, The Unexplored Heart, before the next, although "After Camelot: Esther's Quest" could stand alone.
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The Unexplored Heart  $12.99 

Impoverished but proud Vanessa Danforth is forced from he mother’s home by her new stepfather’s treachery in 1860s England.
After graduating from stenographer’s school, she accepts a position at the estate of famed world explorer, Harrison Courtland.
Made a widower by his wife’s tragic death in the Himalayas, Courtland has retreated into his work, while Vanni forges friendships with his daughter Katrin and the handsome physician from the neighboring estate.
As Vanni encourages Courtland to unearth the ancient ruins at the edge of his property she discovers not only a stunning secret and a hidden treasure, but also her own heart’s desire.
Kindle Link: $4.99

Coming soon: The sequel, After Camelot: Esther's Quest.

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