Wednesday, January 22, 2014

All My Books: Storm Warning

When I began writing Storm Warning (formerly published as Forces of Nature) I drew on my brief employment as an administrative assistant to the manager of a regional mall. My job took me to the inside operations of an enterprise that was part part Mayor of a large city and part warden of a penitentiary.
The fictional mall in Storm Warning is just as I experienced, from interacting with the shop owners, the security forces, and the manager himself. Interwoven between the strolls around the mall are character studies of the mall patrons, in all sizes and shapes, and some of the employees.
Of course, many of the characters are fictional, like Sadie the Shoplifter, who is only a lonely widow, desperate for attention, any attention, and the mall manager, who has his own issues to deal with, in the form of his former wife.
The administrative assistant Natalie, is drawn on a woman I once worked with, who did indeed, smoke like a chimney, and told her boss she would call him "Mister" Martindale and never by his first name. "You're my boss, not my pal," she snorts through the haze of cigarette smoke. 
The decision of who lives and who dies in this novel where a plane crashes into the mall, was daunting, indeed. I had the power over life and death, and while I regretted "killing some of them off" I reassured myself that fate is random. No hidden meanings, here.
At least, I don't think so.

 Storm Warning ) - $4.99

 ( Formerly titled Forces of Nature)

What would happen when a bomber from the nearby Air Force base is flung by a fierce tornado into the county’s largest shopping mall?  Begin the day with the mall manager, his assistant, the security officer and Howard the Weatherman, whose predictions are always uncannily accurate, and in this case, deadly.

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