Monday, October 21, 2013


That's one down, and seven to go. My novel, Ladies of the Club, is now available on the Create Space Store, as of today. In a week or so, it will be up on Amazon and Kindle.
This is a re-do of one of my novels my former publisher had in her possession for the last few years. When some of her authors contacted me that there was evidence of embezzlement on our royalties, we all pulled our books down from every site we were on. Then we began the process of self-publishing through Create Space.
My fellow authors breezed through the process, but I found it daunting, to use an old fashioned work.
I could use my "brain-fog lupus" as an excuse, or the fact that I've recently been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, when I had been quite contented to write novels and occasionally blog. Or the year of my birth could be a cause. Friends my age believe I'm a whiz at all this computer fun, and I have been loving the ability to send my novels electronically first to a publisher, now to Create Space.
But this new method of formatting has me sitting at my laptop, almost in tears that I cannot seem to manage this one aspect of my writing life. And my "benign essential tremors" produced by stress has kicked in, at least for today.
So enough of my excuses and whining. Here's the scoop on my first novel published through Create Space:
Originally titled "The Women of Camp Sobingo," Ladies of the Club is about:
Four women of diverse backgrounds form a bond while en route to join their Army officer husbands in Korea in 1946.
Their experiences in a far-flung military compound strengthen three of the women, but a fourth chooses to end her life, and during a reunion twenty-five years later, long-held dark secrets and sorrows are revealed. 
Take a look at it on the Create Space Store, or you can order from Amazon and Kindle in a few days. 
In the words of the Duck Dynasty clan: "I'm happy, happy, happy."

Friday, October 4, 2013

I Love October!!

Here in N. Central Texas, we are not really feeling "crisp" air, like some of our Northern neighbors are telling me. Today is warm (in the 90s) but we've been promised a cold front that will chill us down to the 70s!

I hear you snickering out there. The 70s is still warm to you Yankees, but for us in Dallas-Fort Worth, that temperature is a welcome relief from the 100s and high 90s we've been living with for the past few months.

I ran some errands this morning, and the air felt different. Not exactly cooler, yet, it was still 80-something but the air itself was charged with Promise. A Promise that fall will arrive soon, and we can turn off our air conditioners, at least at night. A Promise that shows in the scuttling clouds heralding a terrific cold front on its way. A Promise that Halloween will be cool enough so kids might require a sweater.or at least, the adults who are accompanying the  little ghosts and goblins will need them.

The Promise that we can expect a full month of dry, sunny days, and cool nights. We can get back into our parked cars and not feel par-broiled when we run our errands in the local mall.

Folks who live in states that don't have such a wild variance of weather conditions "don't get it" when we speak of heat, humidity, rain, tornadoes and dust storms, all in the same month.

October is the month that obeys us Texans' wishes: One whole month of decent weather, where you might require a light jacket in the evening, or at least, you don't complain about how your jeans are too hot now, but comfortable at last.

We can begin thinking about Thanksgiving, looming over the horizon. Christmas doesn't seem so far off, now. While folks in the northern climes may do spring cleaning, folks here in this are are more prone to have "fall cleaning"-- we don't faint from the heat confined to an open garage where we're displaying our wares we'd rather not live with any more. We gather in the front yards and chat with our neighbors more in October. Summer was too darn hot to be sociable at any hour; October lends itself to more civility within our environs.

When I hear the news of a cold front on its way, I'll be the first to be standing on my front porch, arms wide open, to welcome its arrival.

Oh, the weatherman on television just announced the arrival of a cold front.

Excuse me while I go celebrate.....