Wednesday, January 22, 2014

All My Books: Ladies of the Club, formerly The Women of Camp Sobingo

Let's get right to the question: Why did I change the title of this book? Well, many people believed the word "Camp" indicated a summer camp of some kind, when in reality, or this Military Brat's reality, the word "camp" means a military encampment. Of course.
Everybody should know that. But they don't. Just like some people don't know the difference between you're and your, but I digress.
So, back to the end of WWII, when my mother, brother and I went overseas to join my army officer father with the Occupation forces in a place called Camp Sobingo, outside of Seoul, Korea.
I was a precocious eight year old, eavesdropping on the grownups at all times, and one time I heard my mother and another member of her bridge group discussing the suicide of one of the women in their club. Why did she do that? The question haunted me, until I finally decided to make it into a novel, and here it is.
Camp Sobingo at that time was very primitive, with no running water, sporadic electricity, and an ice box and a wood-burning stove. No creature comforts, there. But the women bonded, and kept their sanity by doing so, except for one. "It was rooted in her past," someone said. And so I created that past, and the past of all four women.
There will be a sequel coming soon, focusing on Trudy Cavanaugh, one of the women who returns home to inherit her father-in-law's publishing empire. She assures herself she can do it. She lived through Camp Sobingo, didn't she?


Ladies of the Club: Formerly Titled "The Women of Camp Sobino" by Marilyn Celeste Morris (Oct 18, 2013)

·                             $12.59 Paperback 
·                             $4.99 Kindle Edition

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