Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hold That Blog!

It used to be "Stop the presses" when a newspaper editor wanted to insert something new into the currently printing issue. Not any more, at least not in this digital age. Things change so rapidly, it almost makes a person dizzy.

So it is now with my blog. Previously, I had stated I would go forth and seek a publisher. A "big" publisher. The stress of trying to get a manuscript whipped into correct digital format had darn near killed me.

Thank God I belong to a very supportive group of authors who have also left our publisher. They very gently suggested I hire a certain person to do it for me. And at a realistic price, too.

And, truth be known, hiring this person leaves me with time to finish the sequel to my last novel; work on a couple of other sequels, and life, fer cryin' out loud. 

Being the Type A person I've always been isn't easy to tone down my overly-scheduled days. I've argued with Reason and Relax until my body yells, Enough, already! I pay attention to that voice, because I know my body's limits, most of the time.

Pain will get my attention, every time.

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