Monday, March 17, 2014

Computer woes

first, let me tell you I am no "techie".....I barely know how to get on the internet, let alone figure out why my computer all of a sudden refuses to make capital letters. as in "first" and "as"....the ever-so-helpful "help" feature for my chosen browser suggested I try holding down the "caps" key while making a capital letter.....I wanted to yell, "are you kidding me? you're supposed to fix this problem, not tell me how to work around it." 
so, here I am, without capital letters. this is not cool for an author and editor. I (well,looky-there, a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence -- how whimsical this rascal is.)
I switched browsers, and the same thing happens. to top it all off, somebody pointed out that my signature line had no active links. Oy, vey.
can it get any worse? Heh. yes, of course. while I was muddling my way through this mess, I get a pop-up notice from Internet explorer, asking if I want to accept some kind of program. Of course not. I'm NOt on Internet explorer, but on firefox. why the Hell does this Internet explorer pop up?
got my son to take a look at it. He gets more frustrated than I do. and more vocal. after much swearing and mumbled threats, he leaves the computer to take out the trash.
So far, he hasn't returned.
can't say I blame him.

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  1. I'm sorry. It's not funny and so very frustrating but I can see clearly your son and hear his vocal mumblings at the computer. I hope you guys can get it worked out. I'm not a techie either but it seems like it's an issue with settings on something. Good Luck!